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  1. A given name, a pet form of Florence and Flora.

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otheruses FLO Flo was an American sitcom television series which ran from 1980 to 1981 on CBS. The series was a spin-off for Polly Holliday, whose portrayal of the sassy and street-smart waitress Florence Jean Castleberry ("Flo") on the popular sitcom Alice struck a chord with viewers.
Flo was on her way to Houston, Texas for a new job when she stopped by to visit her old hometown: Cowtown, Texas. In a fit of nostalgia she bought a rundown roadhouse she had enjoyed in her formative years, and christened the place "Flo's Yellow Rose." Coping with a business, as well as her mother and sister, caused most of the conflict in the series.
Vic Tayback made one appearance as Mel Sharples from Alice. Polly Holliday never made a guest appearance on Alice after beginning Flo.
The short first season (spring 1980) was a ratings success. The following season brought a sharp decline in numbers (due to a timeslot change), and thus ended Flo.
The theme song, "Flo's Yellow Rose" was written and sung by Hoyt Axton.


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